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Thank you. I went back and corrected some spelling mistakes. Hope I caught them all. 

Glad it was helpful Justin!

You are very welcome!

If you know of any other cool versions of the song on Youtube, please let me know and I will add them to this post. Thanks!

I did not realize that Minuca, thanks for pointing that out. I would love to see her in concert. Pretty amazing. I think I watch the movie just for this part too!

Blockchain will revolutionize transactions. Legal always gets in the way. Want to do a deal with a university? Impossible. Regulation and legal make it impossible. Deals take forever and the market opportunity is lost. Blockchain enables transactions without all the legal hassle. We are not collectively understanding this yet, but soon, the global consciousness will get it and then everyone will rush in like the wild, wild west days. Who has the foresight to position themselves now for the future?

Love it when we do a routine together before a meeting and totally disorient our opponent!

Thanks for the post Chris! Good to see you. Hope Aspen is well. He looks amazing on IG! Keep up the posting man!

I appreciate that! You are very welcome. He is a true thought leader for sure.

Wow, that is a huge ad deal for Snap. Smart use of the platform though. Good on ya NBC.

Sorry to hear it John. Really hope this does help you and others. Thanks for sharing. All the best!

John, Charles, Thomas, to name a few...

You are very welcome! Glad it was of use.

Some of the white wine you refer to might be organic or close to it. Many times, the hangovers are caused by the residual pesticides left in the grapes. Maybe try a test sometime! Cheers!

Hello Brigitta. Simon may have said 1994, but I believe he said 1984. He knows the millennial space very well so although it is hard to hear him, I do believe he said 1984. If you search online you will see that is typically the year the millennial generation is sited as having started. Hope that helps. Thanks for the comment!

Completely agree. Not only is being the smartest in the room bad for leaders, it is also very boring. Learning is the spark of life and surrounding yourself with people you constantly learn from makes all the difference in the world!

Dude, there was someone in the intersection! A couple more feet and that person might have been hit. #moretesting

Wow, that is one amazing cat!

This is very cool! #govegas!

Biking is a passion, hope you all like this article!

Nice post Chris. Hope you are getting the hang of it. Let me know when you want to connect.

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