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love all the little creatures.i've saved bees hornets. not fussy been called the dog whisperer. i have no time for bullies, and sarcasm is my own.

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if I had to work in DC, I'd probably drown myself to. he just couldn't take it anymore.

play safe& don't bet what you can't afford to lose.

since we don't have access to ZPM tech, the new solar tech would ease a lot of problems.

yet one more extraordinary development.I am a huge fan of your work Mr.Musk

the smaller type reactor has been in use and testing since the 50's and would use as fuel, all the spent rods that are stored in Kentucky and other places in the world. and they have a smaller this is a proven technology that makes a lot of good sense. considering there running out of places to put the spent rods.

as time goes on the tech is only going to get better.when you explain carbon taxing, i get it. but i fear that for some people greed will get in the way.

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