No One Believed So She Filmed Him Doing THIS, WHOA!

I have seen kitties and pups playing with balls and toys but a horse? I actually had never seen that until I watched this video. The adorable horse in this video is Buster. Buster simply loves to play with his blue ball. He keeps on roaming around the field putting his blue ball on his mouth.

According to Buster’s owner, he is mischievous and likes to play with whatever he gets. She even compares him to a “donkey” from the Shrek series and tells that this young beautiful horse is quite a handful. Buster surely is a loving horse with an amazing personality.

Watch Buster playing with his favorite ball and tell us how you felt watching it. Isn’t he just adorable? Had you ever seen any horse playing with a ball this way before? Do tell us your views through your comments. We would love to have your opinions on this video!


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