The 'Dog Photographer Of The Year' Contest Announced Its Winners, And They're Amazing


The "Dog Photographer Of The Year" competition, an annual contest organized by the UK-based animal welfare organization the Kennel Club, has announced its winners, and unsurprisingly the winning photos are chock full of very good dogs. 

We know why you're here, so without further ado, here are the winners.

Maria Davison Ramos won the Man's Best Friend category — and took first prize overall — with this photo of Yzma the rescue.

 Maria Davison Ramos

Sarah Caldecott took home first place in the Dogs at Work category for this awesome shot of Rita the pointer.

 Sarah Caldecott

Kaylee Greer and Petey the Wheaten Terrier won the Dogs at Play category.

 Kaylee Greer

Anastasia Vetkovskaya won the Dog Portrait category with this pic of a big, beautiful Afghan Hound.

 Anastasia Vetkovskaya

Dylan Jenkins won the Young Pup Photographer category (a youth category for doggo/photo enthusiasts ages 10 and younger) for "Mosey loves cake," a delightful snapshot of Mosey the Bloodhound.

 Dylan Jenkins

Julian Gottfried won the second youth category (for ages 11 to 17) with this photo of Pippin the Terrier mix.

 Julian Gottfried

Alexandra Robins took home the top prize for the Rescue Dogs category with this shot of Chloe, a Brindle Greyhound.

 Alexandra Robins

Alasdair MacLeod won the Assistance Dogs category with "Megan & Duncan," a portrait of Megan, "a rescued Greyhound and certified Therapet," and Duncan, a man.

 Alasdair MacLeod

"Kelly in her spot," a beautiful piece of art by John Liot, won the top prize for Oldies, a category for dogs at least 8 years old.

 John Liot

And, of course, the Puppies category: Mirjam Schreurs took home the top prize with this shot of Tyson, a boxer.

 Mirjam Schreurs

Also, here are a bunch of photos that didn't win but that we think are really freaking cute.

Emma Williams' photo of Gus the Whippet:

 Emma Williams

Annemarie King's photo of Gus the Jack Russell:

 Annemarie King

Rodrigo Capuski's stunning photo of Leica:

 Rodrigo Capuski

Lucy Charman's photo of a bunch of wet and tired English Spriner Spaniels:

 Lucy Charman

Kaylee Greer's photo of Joshua the pitbull Terrier:


Honestly, we could probably go on forever. Every last one of these photos is just so cute. But we've reached the end of our leash. See all the winners and the runners-up for yourself at the contest's website.

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